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The completed Works of W3C in this area , is a starting point to suggest simplified Sub-Set modules for specific purpose.

COMPLETED WORKS   are here  comprising :

RDF  Data Cube

DCAT  Data Catalog Vocabulary

Organisational ONTOLOGY

International TAG SET  2

Lets see who can suggest a streamlining point for these substantial framework components..

Certainly Widget based servlets or Jscript reusable code blocks , are the best way to implement.

Foundation 6 may have a solution in a CSS / HTML5  standard web front end, that can be added to.

Certain W3C involvements seem steep with FIXATED PROTOCOL . For the most part, this is simply OBSOLETE thinking.

This quote justifies, as patent content address technicality  :  who is thinking ?

" The mailing lists are used for technical discussions. It is better to avoid discussions on various non-technical subjects, for example on patents and patent applications. "

in an ever changing World we need Advanced standards.  JSON is a great example.  HERE  is a bad one.

While a lot of work has gone into this , the Structured Query Language is way too Formal .. Trajic QL is more like it

to be fair , a streamlined JSON style query is required to SIMPLIFY this tangle that NO-ONE  is going to Learn or Use.